About Peace & Quiet Therapeutic Massage


I'm Dara Granados, licensed massage therapist and founder of Peace & Quiet Therapeutic Massage.

I graduated in 2008 from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, FL. I have loved everyday as a therapist. This is truly my life's purpose.

I started Peace & Quiet Therapeutic Massage because throughout my fourth pregnancy I couldn't find anywhere to get a massage. I had three other kids and worked so my time was limited and I could never get in before the massage studios closed and definitely no same day appointments.

My hectic schedule just didn't allow space for me to plan ahead, schedule an appointment and find a sitter. I was stuck with franchises and each one treated me like I was so fragile. As if any wrong movement of their hands would send me into labor right there. I would leave needing a massage AFTER my massage.

As a massage therapist I would also get quite a few cancellations because child care would fall through with my clients. I would feel so frustrated for the moms. I knew exactly what they were going through.

Now that you've found me you have become a part of my dream. Peace & Quiet Therapeutic Massage is the beginning of something amazing. A space where you can feel comfortable, supported, nourished and connected. Where you can heal and find other resources for your journey in motherhood. I will personally guarantee that you will do all in...

Peace and Quiet.